Call for Papers: World Resources Forum 2017 in Geneva

The WRF 2017 Call for Papers is now open and we are pleased to invite you to submit your abstract and contribute to the success of the upcoming World Resources Forum, to be held in Geneva, October 24–25, 2017. Deadline for submissions is April 3, 2017.

The conference’s main topic, Accelerating the Resource Revolution, highlights the need for immediate action in the field of resource management and stresses the ideas and opportunities behind this revolution. How should we manage, coordinate, finance, track progress, learn, train and communicate about it?

Submissions should consider the following criteria:

• Policies and Governance
• Technology and Innovation
• Lifestyles and Education
The conference addresses various themes, such as Mining & Supply Security, Raw Materials in the Informal Economy, Sustainable Consumption & Production, Green & Circular Economy, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Decoupling, Life Cycle Thinking & Resource Efficiency, Energy Efficiency, Business & Financing, Recycling & Waste Management, Eco Cities, Sustainable Construction & Infrastructure, Mobility & Transportation and ICT.

Participants are welcomed to submit the following types of contributions:
• Short proceedings for oral presentations (approx. 15 minutes in total)
• Posters (A0, 90×120 cm) for oral presentations (special sessions planned)
• Proposals for workshops and side events (companies and NGOs) – please contact WRF for more information on this

Paper abstracts (max 300 words) of either theoretical or applied nature can be submitted online on the WRF website.

Contributions should address one of the three key topics listed above and should not have been previously presented at international conferences or published in international journals. Final acceptance of any contribution requires registration of the author to attend the conference. The Scientific Expert Committee determines whether the author of an accepted short proceeding is ultimately invited for a paper or poster presentation.

Short proceedings will be collected in a conference book. Upon agreement with the corresponding author, all provided information including PowerPoint presentations and posters will be made accessible to the public on the WRF website after the conference.

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