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Bacteria make nuclear waste safer

Bacteria could make underground nuclear waste deposits safer, new research has revealed. Scientists discovered that the bacteria could increase safety by consuming hydrogen. A new study has discovered a microbial community made up of...

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Renewable energy claims the future

With energy intensity increasing, renewable energies growing rapidly and fossil fuels becoming obsolete, the world’s energy systems are facing a radical transition. These are the findings of the latest report from the World Energy...

Atmospheric carbon dioxide values are typically at their lowest in September. Not this year. Experts warn that we have now permanently exceeded the symbolic 400 ppm threshold. (Image credit: kris krüg, flickr/Creative Commons) 0

CO2 red line is crossed

This September has set a new, tragic record for carbon dioxide levels. Change hardly seems possible in the face of such permanently high levels, especially as other negative records are piling up. Elke Bunge...