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Environmentalists are horrified that Scott Pruitt has been nominated to head the EPA in the Trump administration. (Image credit: Gage Skidmore, flickr/Creative Commons) 0

Climate change denier to head EPA

Scott Pruitt has been picked to head the US Environmental Protection Agency. An attorney general from Oklahoma, Pruitt is an unapologetic climate change denier with close ties to the oil industry. He’s expected to...

Record carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere mark the start of new era of climate reality. (Image credit: Kim Seng, flickr/Creative Commons) 0

CO2 record ushers in new era

The global increase in carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere to 400 ppm has ushered in a new climate area, concluded scientists from the UN’s weather agency. As Elke Bunge reports, carbon dioxide remains...

kilimanjaro 0

UN calls to reforest Kilimanjaro

Reforesting Africa’s highest mountain could ease East Africa’s severe water shortages, according to a new report from the UN environment agency. Vital water supplies across large parts of East Africa are now under threat...