DC to put solar panels on low-income family homes

DC’s Mayor Muriel Bowser launched a new program this week that aims to install solar panels on the homes of nearly 300 low-income residents. The panels will save the families nearly USD 600 a year in energy costs.

While the current tenant of Washington, DC’s most famous house is doing all in his power to roll back progress on the renewable energy front, the mayor of DC has just launched Solar Works DC, an eco-friendly programme that aims to install solar panels on nearly 300 homes of low-income DC families. According to city officials, the panels will save the families nearly USD 600 a year in energy costs.

Solar Works DC, a collaborative initiative between the Department of Energy and Environment and the Department of Employment Services, will also train more than 200 young residents for careers in the solar energy sector.

“I’m always happy when we can talk about our efforts to fight climate change and putting young people on the pathway to the middle class, right here in DC,” said Mayor Boswer at the programme’s launch.

As WTOP reported, the panels are being installed by GRID Alternatives, a non-profit organisation that works towards bringing alternative energy sources to low-income families.

Bowser signed into force new legislation last year to increase the amount of energy from renewable sources in DC to 50 per cent by 2032. The legislation also seeks to expand solar capacity to five per cent by 2032 and provide the benefits of locally generated solar energy to low-income households, seniors, small businesses and non-profits.

Image credit: futureatlas.com via Flickr/CC BY 2.0

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