Eaternity – the CO2 diet

Here at the Global Environmental Society we are very honoured to have Manuel Klarmann, GES member and CEO at Eaternity, as our next guest speaker at the October 26 Green Drinks. Their goal is to provide everyone with access to a climate-friendly diet, and do this by equipping companies, restaurants, and private individuals with solutions to reduce the environmental footprint of their eating habits.

What started this young company off was the estimate that 30% of all greenhouse gas emissions are food related. When it comes to food, we often have a choice. The challenge lies in knowing the facts and what the alternatives are, only then can you make the wiser choice. Here is where Eaternity makes life easier and better for consumers, restaurateurs, and the environment.

The founders felt there should be a clear connection between the emissions in agriculture and the meals we eat. They analysed hundreds of research and food databases to come up with their climate data, which they then used to create a calculator for chefs. For example, the 160kg of frozen croissants served by one of their customers with morning coffees or in meeting rooms equalled one tonne of CO2, thanks to all the butter they contain, produced by methane-emitting cows.

A lot can be done by choosing seasonal and locally produced food and drink, as well as reducing the amounts of farmed red meat, dairy, and produce grown in greenhouses. Not only are these choices more climate-friendly, they also tend to be more tasty and nutritious for the consumer.

Browse their website for delicious recipes with CO2 information!

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