Nestlé and Danone to launch 100% bio-based bottles

Nestlé Waters and Danone have teamed up with a California-based start-up to develop plastic bottles made from 100 per cent sustainable and renewable materials. Their goal is to revolutionise the packaging industry.

Two of the world’s largest bottled water companies have joined forces with Origin Materials, a start-up based in California, to form the NaturALL Bottle Alliance.

Together their goal is to develop and launch at commercial scale a plastic bottle made from bio-based material that is 100 per cent sustainable and made from renewable resources.

According to a statement announcing the new alliance, traditional PET bottles are made from fossil materials, giving them a heavy environmental footprint. But the new bottles will be made using biomass feedstocks such as cardboard and sawdust, meaning they will not divert resources or land from food production for human or animal consumption.

“Our goal is to establish a circular economy for packaging by sourcing sustainable materials and creating a second life for all plastics,” said Frederic Jouin, head of R&D for plastic materials at Danone.

The next-generation PET will be nearly identical to today’s PET in terms of weight, transparency, recyclability and ability to protect the product inside.

The alliance aims to develop the process for producing at least 75 per cent bio-based PET plastic bottles at commercial scale as early as in 2020, with a goal of scaling up to 95 per cent in 2022. The ultimate objective is to reach 100 per cent bio-based content.

The partners plan to make the technology available to the entire beverage industry so everyone can benefit from the new material.

“It’s incredible to think that, in the near future, the industry will be able to use a renewably sourced packaging material, which does not compete with food production and contributes to a better planet,” said Klaus Hartwig, head of R&D are Nestlé Waters.


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