Vatenfall to switch entire fleet to electric vehicles

The Swedish energy group Vatenfall will replace its 3,500-strong car fleet in Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany with electric vehicles over the next five years.

Vatenfall has set itself the goal of becoming climate neutral by 2050 – and e-mobility is one way that it hopes to accomplish this. Over the next five years, the Swedish energy group plans to replace its current fleet of passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles with electric alternatives.

Vattenfall has invested heavily in electric transport since 2009 because of its “enormous potential” to reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to the energy transition.

“We already help our customers drive electric by supplying charging points. With the decision to switch our own fleet we do not only contribute to reducing CO2-emissions in Europe, but we also want to set an example for other companies,” Martijn Hagens, who is responsible for e-mobility at Vatenfall, said in a statement.

EU Member States and the EU Parliament have already agreed that transport emissions should be reduced by 60 per cent by 2050. But while the outlines for success are already in place, more needs to be done to turn the EU strategy into concrete policies and actions.

“Electric cars still require a high financial investment. And if you look at for example company vans, there isn’t much choice yet,” said Hagens.

He believes that stricter CO2-emission standards on an EU level are needed to provide car manufacturers with the confidence that electric vehicles are the only way forward, which would result in market growth and a wider range of cars at lower prices.


Image credit: Vattenfall

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